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Information for Children

Built for You!
A big weird gizmo - two stories tall and constantly in motion - isn't what you expect to see in a hospital lobby.  But our new hospital isn't your typical hospital!  The big weird gizmo -- more properly called an "audio kinetic sculpture" -- is a mesmerizing jumble of mechanical devices and rolling balls, and it makes strange sounds.  Nearby, fiber optic lighting chases itself down the main concourse.  Creative paintings and sculptures are displayed throughout the hospital, including a four-foot-tall white bird named "Gorgeous Georgette" and an oversized chess set with strange-looking animals as the chess pieces.

If you are staying overnight, you'll want to spend time playing in the two-story Play Atrium on the 7th floor. It is designed to look and feel like an outdoor park and has lots of toys and games.  The atrium also has fanciful "trees" adorned with fiber optic lights.  There are gazebos to play in and a bridge to play on.  A rocky stream is painted on the rubber-foam floor, and there is a carpeted play space for toddlers.

The recreation area includes a lounge exclusively for teens, with Internet access, video games and a soundproof music room.

Next door to the Play Atrium is a K-12 school so that you can keep from falling behind in your studies.  The school has a full-time principal and 13 teachers.  The hospital school's teachers coordinate lesson plans and assignments with your teachers back home.


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