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Fun Stuff

Have some fun in cyberspace! We've listed links to activities, cool stuff and fun places on the Web.

The N.C. Children's Hospital is not officially endorsing these sites - they are suggestions for additional information.

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  • Star - The official Star Wars site features state-of-the-art multimedia."
  • Internet for Kids! - This is a great place to get started surfing the Web. There's fun links and cool science links too, including NASA and!
  • Discovery Channel Online - Discovery's Web site is just as cool as the cable channel!
  • How Stuff Works - Ever wonder how your TV works? What about radar, electric motors, batteries, lightening -- you name it, if you ever want to know how something works, you can find it here!
  • Exploratorium - All kinds of cool stuff from the museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids - What is Terrell Davis's favorite TV show? Find out here!
  • National Geographic Online - Amazing site with one of the very coolest features on the Web, Xpedition Hall!
  • Bearable Times - Kids & Teens Club - Ever wanted to be a reporter? Here's your chance! Bearable Times is a new site from the Kids' Hospital Network and they're looking for kids just like you!
  • Yahooligans! - Yahoo's kids' guide - they've got stuff from movies and sports to hobbies and celebrities!
  • - Everything you ever needed to know about the King of the Monsters, including online games and the new Godzilla database!
  • CIA Home Page for Kids - For Real! The Central Intelligence Agency offers this interesting site for kids. Learn about the CIA Canine Corps and aerial reconnaissance photography pigeons (aka spy pigeons)! Also links to the FBI and the NSA!
  • Strange But True: Home of Strange Facts! - Did you know that a hedgehog's heart beats 300 times a minute on average; that the average person has over 1,460 dreams a year? Find as many strange facts here as you ever wanted to know!


Cool Science Sites!

  • Scientific American - You will learn something new here!
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day - Star clusters, new galaxies, deep space, neutron stars: it's all right here!
  • S.W.I.R.L. - Severe Weather Institute Research Lab is one of the coolest sites for information about tornadoes and storm chasers!


Games & Entertainment!

  • - Mega site for Disney movies, plus online games and cool freebies, including free wallpaper and screensavers.
  • Kids Internet Games - Tons of online games, including Java Asteroids and even magic tricks!
  • The Dilbert Zone - Dilbert comics, contests and other fun stuff.
  • Cyber Kids - Cool multimedia design by kids, plus other fun stuff, including "Build an Alien" online puzzle and other games.
  • EdbyDesign - Kids online activities.  Check out the new dinosaur scrambler, a fun Java puzzle, plus other fun activities!
  • Java Games & Puzzles Gallery - Awesome 3D mazes and other cool Java games!


Amazing Animals!

  • PETsMART - Where else can you find such a collection of action, adventure and romance stories -- about fish? Follow PETsMART's Fish Stories series, including "Starfish Wars," "Wag the Dogfish, "Starship Groupers" and more! Plus, the pets' super store brings you valuable information about how to care for your animal family members!
  • The Electronic Zoo - Totally animals! Everything you ever wanted to know about every animal species, from hamsters to hyenas! There's animal fun, with tons of graphics and animal sounds too!




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