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Pediatric Surgery

More children have surgery at UNC than anywhere else in the state.  The N.C. Children's Hospital is one of the leading centers in the southeast for pediatric surgery, from the simplest procedures to the most delicate and complex operations.

The N.C. Children's Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the region that provides care in every pediatric surgical subspecialty.  Surgeons at the N.C. Children's Hospital perform more operations on children under one-year old than any other hospital in the state. They also perform more operations to repair congenital heart disease.  There is only one other hospital in the country that does more invasive bronchoscopy, a diagnostic procedure in which a scope is inserted into a child's lungs.

Thirty percent of all operations at the N.C. Children's Hospital are performed with minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopy.  Using advanced video technology and miniaturized instruments, the surgeons often can perform even complicated procedures through incisions less than one-inch long.  The result is less pain and discomfort for the child, faster recovery and smaller scars.


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