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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring to the hospital?

If your child's hospitalization is pre-arranged, your child's doctor will tell you in advance if you need to bring any specific medical information for your child. You will need to bring your insurance information, medical record card and any prescriptions your child is taking if you haven't provided this information in advance. Feel free to bring your child's pajamas, favorite blanket or toy, or other item to make your child more at ease and comfortable with his/her surroundings. Bring any special adaptive equipment or any equipment used for special care needs at home such as wheelchairs for chronic care, strollers, splints, etc. These things can also be special to your child's care in the hospital. If you are a nursing mother, please bring your breast pump in case you need it. Every discharged child will need to go home in a car seat so make sure you have your child's car seat with you when your child goes home.


Will we be able to stay with our child overnight?

We know that you know more about your child than we do. We encourage parents to visit with their child during the hospitalization. We value participation by parents and recognize the special role you play in the planning and care of your child. Each room is private and has a private bathroom which makes it more comfortable for the child and easier for you to be part of the process. The rooms are large enough to accommodate family visits, and every room has a convertible sofa so that an adult family member may stay overnight.


Are there places to stay near the hospital?

Some families of pediatric patients are referred to the Ronald McDonald house by their doctor, nurse or social worker. There are also local hotels in close proximity to the hospital. Patient relations can assist you with finding housing in the area should you need to stay. They can be reached by calling (919) 966-5006. You can find more lodging information by clicking here.


Will I be able to talk to my child's doctor?

The staff at N.C. Children's Hospital is very committed to involving you as much as possible in your child's care. You will be able to talk with your child's doctor, as well as with other members of your child's hospital team. We encourage you to be involved in your child's care. This means that your child's caregiver will take the time to talk with you and answer your questions, as well as instruct you in how to provide care for your child when appropriate. Your child's care at N.C. Children's Hospital will be provided in part by staff members who are training under expert supervision. Different members of your child's medical team may ask you many of the same questions. This is part of our method of providing quality care and being thorough. Your child's hospital team may include physicians, social workers, psychologists, nurses, physical therapists, dieticians and other health professionals. Please keep a paper and pen handy to take notes, ask questions and write down anything you want to discuss with your child's caregiver.


Will our other children be allowed to visit their brother/sister in the hospital?

Yes, visitors can be good medicine for patients. Family members and friends are welcome to visit as long as they are healthy. General visiting hours are from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please check with your child's nurse about visiting hours specific to their unit. Providing a healthy environment for your child's recovery is important for your child and other children who are patients at N.C. Children's Hospital. Visitors suffering from a cold, virus, infection or other illness should remain at home.


Will I be able to use my cell phone in my child's room?

No, you will not be able to use your cell phone in your child's room. Wireless communication devices tend to have electromagnetic interference, which could interfere with medical equipment. The use of wireless communication devices (WCDs) by patients and visitors will be banned in all areas of the medical center with the exception of the following: Cellular/cordless telephones may be used by patients and visitors in main lobbies of the Hospitals, the Grapevine Cafeteria, the Snack Bar, and Wendy's. Note that WCDs such as cellular/cordless phones should always be turned off when not in those areas where their use is allowed. You may see nurses using cordless phones. These phones operate on a frequency that does not interfere with medical equipment.


Is there a computer available where I can look up information about my child's diagnosis on the Internet?

Yes, a family resource room is located on the 5th floor. There are computers available for your use. There are also helpful links already identified that can help you with your search for information. You can find them by clicking here. Your nurse can give you directions to the family resource room from your child's room.


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